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About me

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I have been involved in the making of artistic jewellery since 1986. My work has been presented in several exhibitions, both in Poland and troughout Europe. The following are some of more prestigious exhibitions in which I have presented my work:

1990 - “Schmuck Europa 90”- Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
1993 - “Schmuckszene ‘93”- Munchen, Germany.
1995 - “Espace Degre” Gallery- Luxemburg, individual exhibition.
1997 - “Wybor”/ Choice/ Choix ‘97”- Strasbourg, France. 
      (presentation of contemporary Polish Jewellery at the “Ars Ornata Europeana” conference).
1998 - “Museum of Goldsmith Art”- Kazimierz, Poland, individual exhibition.
2005 - “The Best of - Neues Schmuckdesign aus Polen”- Berlin, Germany.
2005 - “Contemporary Polish Jewellery”- “Flow Gallery” Londyn, UK.
2005 - “Designed in Poland”- Berlin, Germany.

I have received 14 awards in various competitions. Some of my designs are currently part of an exposition at Goldsmith Museum in Legnica and Museum of Goldsmith Art in Kazimierz.

I’m a member of Wasze Obrączki team.

jan suchodolski

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